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Special-Occasion Speaking

Started by cade 2019-04-11 at 22:22
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Special-Occasion Speaking
There will be times when you may be asked to speak on a special
occasion, often with little notice or time for preparation. These
can be important moments in your life and the lives of others, and
they must be attended to with care and attention.
The five most common special occasion speeches are (1)awards and congratulations; (2) introductions or thanks at a pub￾lic event; (3) birthdays or anniversaries; (4) weddings; and (5) fu￾nerals. In each case, you should use all of your speaking skills to
give an excellent speech.
1. Awards and Congratulations. Think through your remarks
and write them down before you speak. Be clear about the pur￾pose of the award and what the person has done to deserve it.
Everyone is watching your performance and taking note of
what you say, especially the recipient of the award. The more im￾portant your position in the organization, the greater will be the
impact of your words and the longer they will be remembered.
Whenever someone is acknowledged and congratulated in
front of others, especially his or her peers, the occasion is a major
event. By speaking with warmth, intelligence, and knowledge
about the recipient’s valuable accomplishment, you can have a
major effect on the person and on all the others who are watching.
2. Introductions or Thanks. You may be asked to introduce the
speaker at a public talk or association meeting. Take this responsi￾bility seriously. Everyone is watching.
On many occasions, because of the time and attention given
to the introduction of the speaker, the introduction itself is actu￾ally better than the speech. Many aspiring executives have put
themselves on the fast track by giving an outstanding introduction
to a senior executive or important industry speaker.
Some years ago, I was invited to introduce Barbara Bush, wife
of former President George H. W. Bush, to a large audience. I pre￾pared thoroughly and gave such a strong introduction that she got
a standing ovation as she walked onto the stage. The President